Stainless Steel Capillary Outside Diameter Less Than 6mm

Short Description:

1)Outer Diameter: +/-0.05mm.

2)Thickness: +/-0.05mm.

3)Length: +/-10mm.

4)Ensure product concentricity.

5)Soft tube: 180~210HV.

6)Neutral tube: 220~300HV.

7)Hard tube: more than 330HV.

Product Detail

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Product Specification

Mode Stainless steel tube / pipe
Type Seamless
Section Shape Round
Standard National standard: GB/T14976-2012
Material grade 201,202,304,304L,316,316L,310S etc.  Execute according to American standard
Outer diameter 0.3~Max6mm
Thickness 0.3~max 2.0mm
Length Customized
Tolerance 1) Outer Diameter:+/-0.05mm
2) Thickness:+/-0.05mm
3) Length:+/-10mm
4) Ensure product concentricity
Hardness Soft tube:180~210
HVNeutral tube:220~300HV
Hard tube:more than 330HV
Application shipbuilding, decoration,automobile manufacturing, food and medical equipment, chemical machinery, refrigeration equipment, instrumentation, petrochemical, aviation, wire and cable etc.
Production process Stainless steel rough tube---water pressure test---loss thickness---washing---hot rolled---water pressure test---drawn---be straight---cutting---washing---polishing---packaging.
Chemical composition Ni  8%~11%,Cr 18%~20%
Salt spray test No rust within 72 hours
Certification ISO9001:201, CE, ISO9001:2015
Supply ability 200 Ton Per Month
Packaging Plastic bag,Carton box, Wooden pallet, Wooden case,Woven belt, etc. (pls send me details if you have other requests)
Delivery Time 3~14 days
Sample Available, some samples are free

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Stainless Steel Capillary Outs4
Stainless Steel Capillary Outs3

Product Introduction

Stainless steel capillary uses: automatic instrument signal tube, automatic instrument wire protection tube; Precision optical ruler line, industrial sensors, electronic equipment line protection tube; The safety protection of electrical circuit, the protection of capillary tube of thermal instrument and the inner support of empty core high voltage optical cable.

Stainless steel capillary characteristics: with good softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, tensile resistance, water resistance and provide excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. Stainless steel hose can bend freely into various angles and radius of curvature, in all directions have the same softness and durability; Stainless steel hose pitch between flexible, good scalability, no blocking and stiffness phenomenon; Stainless steel thread hose between each section side buckle

With a certain tension resistance, in case of hose damage leads to the hose inner laid line exposed, axial tension can withstand more than 6 times the nominal diameter.

Size: ∮2-∮8 Wall thickness: 0.1-2.0mm

Material: SUS316L, 316321310310 S, 304304 L, 302301202201, etc

Application and Advantages

Stainless steel capillary in many places will be used, our life and production will be used, this is because stainless steel has good characteristics, this characteristic is mainly a good corrosion resistance, compressive resistance, but also can be used to a lot of aspects, so by people like.

Stainless steel pipe in our life can be used in the conduction of water and gas, there is an important is that can be used in the conduction of the range hood, so that you can have a very good performance, reduce the impact on our life.

Stainless steel tubes for industrial use. In industry, this capillary is also a part of many precision instruments, and in the connection of these instruments, has a good role in testing, of course, for some precision instruments, this part plays the role of transmission and connection.

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