High Quality Customizable Stainless Steel Elbow

Short Description:

Stainless steel elbow is also a kind of stainless steel special-shaped tube, mainly to distinguish the shape of the tube after forming, such as U-shaped tube, J-shaped tube, S-shaped tube, 90-degree snake head elbow, etc.

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Our Advantages

1) Reliable quality.

2) Various specifications.

3) Processing customization.

4) Factory direct sales.

5) Various products.

6) Ship on time.

7) Perfect after-sale service.

1. Hi-Tech Manufacturing Equipment:
Our core manufacturing technical is Japanese core reduction wall drawing and bright annealing technology.

2. Strong R&D Strength:
We have 5 engineers in our R&D centre, one of them are doctors from University of Science and Technology of China, the rest of them’s major are mechanical Design.

3. Strict Quality Control:
3.1 After the incoming materials, we use our advanced spectrum tester to test all the steel strips to check if they are qualified, and then they can be put into production.
3.2Has good mechanical properties,corrosion resistance,no leakage, pressure resistance.
3.3The company has passed National CCS ship inspection certification, ISO9001 quality certification, CE.
3.4 Finished Products Testing.
1) The replacement time of our molds is 3 months. If the molds are not severely worn, they will still be replaced with new ones;
2) The pipeline is a full inspection, not a random inspection (the test items are hardness test, tensile test compliance, hydraulic test, etc.).

4. OEM & ODM Acceptable:
Customized sizes and shapes are available. Welcome to share your drawings with us, let’s work together to make life more creative.

Product Specification

The conventional outer diameter specifications of our stainless steel elbow are as follows:

Outside diameter (mm)


5 6 7 8 9 9.5 10 11 12 14

Product Display

Stainless Steel Elbow3
Stainless Steel Elbow4

Product Customization

1. Tailor-made (manufacturing and customizing various elbows according to customer requirements).
2. Wear-resistant and anti-corrosion (Stainless steel material has strong anti-rust and anti-oxidation ability in humid environment).
3. Super compressive strength (with high mechanical stamping ability, acceptable for various forms of welding, and good cutting performance).
4. Integrated molding (the product adopts CNC machining, the process is accurate, beautiful and durable, and the use is more durable).

The Custom Process

1. Customers provide requirements and drawings.

2. Quote.

3. Make samples.

4. The customer confirms the samples.

5. After the customer confirms the order, our company can provide free drawings and sign again for confirmation.

6. Mass production.

7. Packing and delivery.

Because this is non-standard processing, the payment term is: customer deposit and the balance or full payment before delivery.

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