Inner Wall Cleaning Method Of Stainless Steel Capillary

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Stainless steel capillary is a stainless steel product with a small inner diameter, which is mainly used for needle tubes, small parts components, industrial line tubes and so on. In the normal use process of stainless steel capillary, it is often necessary to clean the capillary. Because the diameter of the pipe is small, the cleaning of the inner wall is often troublesome. The cleaning method of stainless steel capillary is as follows:

1. If the cleanliness requirement is low, immerse the stainless steel capillary in the heated degreasing solution, and then circulate and rinse it with air or water. It is better to have a brush of the right size to scrub back and forth. Simultaneous heating during cleaning, and the choice of degreasing or cleaning fluid must be effective in dissolving and dispersing grease.

2. If the cleanliness requirements are high, use ultrasonic cleaning. The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is that when the ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, the sound pressure changes sharply, resulting in a strong air phenomenon in the liquid, producing millions of tiny cavitations every second. bubble. These bubbles are quickly and massively generated under the action of sound pressure, and they will not explode violently, but generate strong impact and negative pressure suction, which is enough to quickly peel off stubborn dirt.

3. If the stainless steel capillary is relatively long and has its own water tank, you can use an ultrasonic vibration plate to put it into the water for ultrasonic cleaning. If the time is short, you can insert the ultrasonic vibrator into the pipe for cleaning, and then rinse off the dirt peeled off by the ultrasonic wave with tap water.

Post time: Jun-03-2019